Metro Detroit Limo Bus FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions are answered here

Here at Metro Detroit Limo Bus we operate 24/7 and provide our services for a variety of events so it's pretty safe to say we've seen and heard it all! We've compiled a list of the questions we're asked the most often and listed them here with our answers. However, if you'd like more details or if you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We're here 24/7 so give us a call or send an email and one of our agents will he glad to answer all of your questions.

And now for the Q & A

How much does it cost?

Rental costs vary depending on the size vehicle, the time of year, and even the day of the week. For example, Saturdays are more expensive than Thursdays and our peak season is more expensive than the "off season." We also take into consideration the locations of your pick up and drop off to ensure you're getting the best deal. You can find a general idea of our hourly rates on our pricing page.

What does the cost of my rental include?

When you call us for a quote, we'll give you a price that includes all taxes, minimal gratuity to the driver, unlimited stops, and unlimited mileage.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are never any hidden fees with Metro Detroit Limo Bus.

How does overtime work?

Overtime is strictly based on availability. If your event does go into overtime, it is based on the same hourly rate as your rental, but is only charged in 15 minute increments.

Is there a minimum rental time?

Yes. Rentals must be a minimum of 6 hours, with the exception of our wedding packages.

What's the latest I can rent until?

There's no limit! We operate 24/7 so you can rent until 10pm, midnight, 2am, or even 5am!

Do I have to put down a deposit at the time of booking?

Yes. In order for us to reserve your vehicle we do require a deposit at the time of booking.

What are your hours of operation?

Our transportation services and our customer service reps are available 24/7.

Can I view the vehicles?

Of course! To view our vehicles, please call ahead so we can make sure the vehicle you want to view is available for viewing.

Can I drink on the bus?

Absolutely! As long as you are of legal drinking age you are more than welcome to drink on the vehicles. If there are any under age passengers consuming alcohol, your run will be canceled without refund.

Do you provide alcohol?

No. Metro Detroit Limo Bus does not have a liquor license, so if you want to drink alcohol on the vehicles you must bring your own beverages. Keep in mind that you must be of legal age to drink alcohol on board and to bring any alcohol on board.

Can I smoke on the bus?

No, all of our vehicles are non-smoking. If you smoke on the bus you will be charged a fee.

Is there anything I can't take on the bus?

Absolutely no drugs or weapons are permitted on the vehicles at any time. It does not matter if you have a permit or not, absolutely no weapons or drugs are allowed on board.